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Hundreds of Leads

As a Spark Pro, you will immediately receive hundreds of homeowner leads when you join the program. We help you connect with your leads to convert them to clients. You'll receive:   

  • Hundreds of Homeowner Leads
  • Software to Manage Leads
  • Your Income for Years to Come
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Exclusive Territory

Finally remove all the competition by being the exclusive solar agent for your leads. Hand picked areas with hundreds of the right kind of clients. 

  • One Spark Pro per Territory
  • Hundreds of solar homeowners. 
  • Learn Everything You Need to know being a Solar Agent

Farm Like a Pro 

Use the Exclusive Spark Pro Value Driven Marketing System to attract your clients rather than chase them down. Follow the Spark Pro 3 Step Farming Process to easily and consistently convert your leads into clients. 

  • Finally stand out to your Leads
  • Spark helps you Build Your Brand
  • Stop worrying about how to get clients and let us help you Provide Value like a Pro.
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Agent Business Plan

Every business needs a profitable business model and a solid plan to execute that business model.

  • A Business Model Anyone Can Follow
  • Create a Plan that Works and Learn How to Stick to Your Plan.
  • Know What Actions You Should Do Each Day to Hit Your Big Goals!

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