Will your business earn $100k+ this year?

Take this assessment to see if you'll hit your six-figure goal and discover:

  • How much you can earn

  • How many transactions you're likely to close

  • If you're on track to hit your goals

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Business Health Check

See if your business is on track with our 3-minute assessment.

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Your Assessment Includes

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Health Score

Check the current pulse of your business plan and monitor how it improves as you take action. πŸ“ˆ

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Agent Type

See which of the 7 agent types you are ranging from Secret Agent to Full-Time Agent to Super Agent. 🦸🏻

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Sales & Profit

Using 20+ data points from your business, we'll calculate what your annual sales and profits will be. 🀯

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Next Steps

Based on your results, we'll share what next steps you need to take to grow your business. πŸ›«

See How Many Homes You'll Likely Close

See exactly how your projected sales compares to your annual goals. Using 20+ data points from your business, we'll calculate how many transactions you'll likely close, what your annual sales and profits will be, and give you a plan to increase it. 

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Ensure Your Business Plan Achieves Your Goals

We all need an outside eye to poke holes in our plans and spot any inconsistencies. Not only will this assessment do that, but you will also be given ideas to upgrade your plan and introduced to a program that will likely overhaul it.  

Check Your Business Health

See if your business is on track with our 3-minute assessment.

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